yes bella is NOT dead. I will tell you why I have been UNACTIVE,

  1. I just started my first year of  middle shcool
  2. I have SOOO MUCH homework
  3. I have been busy stalking people
  4. I have been busy working on me and my cousins devainart/youtube channel
  5. Im just lazy lol

ok im done now bye I will get this whole shcool stuff out of the way and try to be as active as possible! k bye


Back in Action!

I thought this blog would be history xD Sooooo much things changed in my life and I finally decided to keep this blog active xD So, any ideas?

Im hiring on my bloggie :DDD

yas, I want to hire some people to work on my bloggie yoy!


☆Must have blog of there own!

☆Must be a daily blogger!

☆And also must be a rule follower!

What you must do to enter♥

❥Comment your bloggie (so I can follow it check it out etc..)

❥Email me, why you want to work for my bloggie

Then bam, I will see who too choose im thinking 3-4 workers maybe more idek! well see you guys later 😉

(please reblog dis :D)


Sad Bully Story

so sad omg I feel for that girl ;-;


Hey Bloomers🌸 I saw this story on my friends Quotev page,and I got inspired to do this by, xlove~fantage~lovex…So yeah here I go!


There lived a 9 year girl and recently she lost her dad to cancer…Ever since then,her school bully has been messing with her…

*Its the dad’s birthday*

Bully : Hey Loser! What are you getting your dad??

Girl : A flower! *holds a pink rose*

Bully : Is your dad gay??? *bully clenches fist heading toward the girl*

Girl : No!! Please! No!! *gets hit*

*2 hours later*

Girl : *sobs* Here daddy! I got it just for you! *tears drop on his grave* I miss you!


Next Day

Bully : GET YOUR LAME @$$ OVER HERE!! *grabs girls shirt*

Girl : Please! Stop! My dad bought it for me! STOP!

Bully : *takes scissors and cuts shirt* DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO! *punches…

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My First Music Video!

Hey guys, so you may heard I got a YouTube a few days ago… and I made my first Music Video! Its by Becky G.

Questions that will be likely asked:

What did you use: I used iMovie.

How did you get the song: I got it on iTunes, then put it on iMovie.

Where did you film it: On ChitChatCity.

Who is which: Im lilyskittles, Chloe Erza18l is my homie, lover and friend xD

Why the heck does it show the time and date: Lol, I made it like we were just waking up, and we went on our iPad to see the time and date.

So yay 😀 Be sure to sub my channel Lily Skittle. Bye!